Saturday, July 2, 2011

Candid Conversations with Abhi

He came, he saw, he conquered; this is very true of Abhishek Lamba, the Delhi boy who came to Mumbai and made the city his home. Being versatile, he was bound to be tagged as the ’Jack of all trades’, ask him about it and he smiles and humbles himself. Currently pursuing Advertising at Wilson College, the film-maker-actor-singer-musician-dancer-editor gets candid over conversations speaking about his dreams, his passions and his philosophies.

How has the journey from Delhi to Mumbai been so far?

The journey has been a mix of emotions and experiences. I personally have learnt a lot from life about life.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

You know I often ask myself the same question but always fail to answer. Well, 10 years from now I see myself working maybe as an assistant director, and just hoping to remove the ‘assistant’ part soon.

How does it feel to be ‘Jack of all trades’, what you have to say about it and which forte of yours would you make your usp?

Being called a ‘Jack of all trades’ is as amazing as standing at the edge of a mountain and feeling the cold breeze. Even half a step more, and you’re gone. That half step for me is over-confidence, which till now I have never taken, and also never wish to.
Another point here that I’d like to make is many people often misconceive me to the second part of the saying ‘master of none.’ But I always make sure that I completely erase that part and never let anyone call me that by constantly challenging myself in every possible manner. My usp it’s needless to say will be film-making.

You are passionate about film-making, what genre of movies would you like to experiment with?

Currently, I’ve been learning about Anurag Kashyap a lot, and many a times try to incorporate his styles of cinema into my films. As a film-maker I wish to experiment with every genre.

Which are your ‘all time favourite’ movies and actors? And why?

The Godfather series – I am totally mad about the 3 parts of this movie. The script, the acting, the story, everything is completely out of the world. This actually is the best classic that has ever been made and its quite sad that many people fail to understand this.

Al Pacino and Marlon Brando have given an outstanding performance in the film and I always wish that even I had been one of the characters from the Corleone family.

What is music to you and again which is your favourite (songs or music or artists)?

Music is my best and only friend. It has helped me, guided me, and been with me throughout. For me music is that one thing without which I can stay alive only for a day. That’s it. Not more than that. If you take away my money, it’s fine, but don’t take away my iPod. It is impossible to name favourites because there are many; however Jason Mraz is one of them.

What is your definition of happiness or contentment?

Life is very short, so learn to live happily. Even if happiness is tough to achieve, look at others and live with them. The least they’ll do for you is give you a reason to at least smile.

There have been times in my life when I haven’t smiled for days, literally. But I really want no one to go through this and if not for yourself, smile for others around you.

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